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Raw Blossom HoneyNatures GoodnessNatures Goodness


This runny honey has been taken straight from the hive as the bees have produced it. During the honey extraction time a coarse filter is used to remove any bee debris. This method ensures all natures goodness remains  totally unaltered in the honey.


This honey is available in ;


454g (1lb) honey jars @ £5.50

Availability ~   In Stock 



 15 LB honey bucket ~ Request Bulk Price Quotation.   Out  Of Stock 


Wedding favours  / Tasters

 43g  (1.5oz) Hexagonal Jars   @ £1.40 (MOQ 12)

 57g     (2oz) Hexagonal Jars   @ £1.50 (MOQ 12)

Note: Can be a mixture of soft set and runny blossom honey


Availability ~   In Stock