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*BS Cedar National Hives

 Comprising of ;

  1 x Roof ( 4")National HiveNational Hive

  1 x Crown Board 

  2 x Porter Bee Escapes

  1 x Super Box c/w 10 Frames**                          

  1 x Brood Box  c/w  12 Hoffman Frames** 

  1 x Queen Excluder

  1 x Open Mesh Floor

  1 x  Varroa Insert Board

  1 x Entrance Block

                                Price -- £195  

   *  Fully constructed from Cedar 2nds,

        Knotts and defects have been rectified,

        Finished in  Cuprinol (wood shades)

        8yr wood protection ~ Wild thyme.

  ** Fitted with  Premium wired Foundation 

*** Additional Brood or Supers with frames & foundationNational Brood/Super BoxesNational Brood/Super Boxes

       Available with or without hives @

            Brood Box  .........  £70

           Super  Box  .......... £40


                                                                                                                                                                        ### Collect from Lincoln or local delivery (25miles) Only              Note: Bees  or Queens sometimes available.