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Cream Polish

Using a home recipe, this polish has a mixture of pure bees wax, pure turpentine, distilled water and white soap flakes.

Good for all wood surfaces, it should be used sparingly. ( a little goes a long way!)

It can also be used on leather and tack etc.  We would recommend that you trial a small test area first. 


Packaged in 90g containers @ £3.25 each. 

Availability ~  In Stock


Food Safe Polish

This polish is a blend of pure bees wax and pure mineral oil.

The use on kitchen wooden utensils, butcher blocks and cutting boards will enhance the wood while keeping it totally food safe.

(It can even be used as Lip Balm!)


Packaged in 70g containers @ £4 each.

Availability ~   In Stock


Furniture Polish

Furniture polish is a blend of pure bees wax , pure turpentine ,carnauba wax  (palm wax) and linseed oil.

This polish will "feed" the wood, protecting the wood and bringing out the real natural beauty of the furniture piece.


 Packaged in a 90g tin @ £3.50 each.

 Availability ~   In Stock 


Hard Wax Polish

This polish is a mixture of pure bees wax , pure turpentine and a little Carnauba wax  (palm wax).

The addition of the carnauba wax stops the tackiness of the bees wax and gives a really nice deep shine.

 Ideal for real wood furniture it needs some "elbow grease" in its use however, the finish is well worth it.


Packaged in a 90g tins @ £3.50 each.

Availability ~   In Stock